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At NEX LAW FIRM we provide a free first meeting.
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It is always advisable to have made an IP strategy in the company in order to assure that all the IP rights (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and know-how) are used optimally and that they play together. It is furthermore important that the IP rights supports the company’s future strategy.


We can file, manage and defend trademark rights in Denmark, the EU and most of the world. We have an international network of IP specialists, that we collaborate with.


If a conflict occurs, it can be a good idea to use mediation as a dispute resolution instrument instead of litigation This is less expensive, more time-saving and there is bigger chance that you will still be able to work together afterwards. We offer help as a mediator.


We can assist in solving legal issues related to human ressource including consultancy contracts and research agreements.


In connection with the transfer of the company or the inclusion of an investor it will be a good idea to make a due diligence in the company where we will make a legal review of the company’s contracts and all IP rights as a patent portfolio, trademarks, designs and know-how.


When drafting contracts focus will be on making durable, simple and enforceable contracts in Danish or English.

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